Episode 1 – Even Greater London

Inspector Fleet is sent to protect a celebrated scientist who has returned to England, and Clara Entwhistle travels to London to begin her new life as a journalist.


Written by Chris and Jen Sugden, directed by Nathan Peter Grassi and produced by Dominic Hargreaves.


  • Inspector Fleet – Tom Crowley
  • Clara Entwhistle – Layla Katib
  • The Narrator – Peter Rae
  • Augusta Bell – Gemma Arrowsmith
  • Dr Salik – Richard Soames
  • Fisherman – Christian Flint
  • Chief Inspector Keller – Chris Sugden
  • Lady Lucretia – Jackie Smith-Wood
  • Miss Waverley – Molly Beth Morossa
  • Ticket Inspector – George McLean

Additional voices by Phillip Cotterill, Wayne T Brown, Ida Berglöw Kenneway, Martha Zumack, Daniel D Jordan and Ana Armas Romero.

Original music by Jon Ouin. Additional sound effects by numerous generous creators.

Production management by Fiona Sinclair.