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This funny, OTT podcast, from comedy writer-performers Jen and Chris Sugden, seems perfect for the Radio 4 6.30pm comedy slot… Set in “Even Greater London” (the city stretches across the whole of south England), Inspector Archibald Fleet and budding journalist Clara Entwhistle investigate a murder. Victoriocity gives a classy, clever take on English history, with tropes familiar to anyone who has ever watched Sunday night telly dramas. I particularly enjoy the bellowing newspaper editor, Augusta Bell.
— Miranda Sawyer, The Guardian
Funny as hell.
— Glen Weldon, Pop Culture Happy Hour (NPR)
Punctuated by perfect comedic beats and ironic silences, the return of Victoriocity is triumphant.
— Elena Fernández Collins, The A.V. Club
Cleverly written, delightfully acted, and with rich production values.
— Marc Hershon, Vulture
A tale of stoic absurdity laced with mystery, murder, mad science and mayhem, Victoriocity is as inventive as a Babbage difference engine and so funny it’ll make you choke on your tea and crumpets. You will not be disappointed.
— Andrew Pollard, Starburst Magazine
Witty, inventive and refreshingly silly!
— Robert Gordon, writer of Galaxy Quest
I cannot recommend this highly enough. Victoria herself would be proud.
— Adam Roberts, BSFA and Campbell Award-winning author of Jack Glass
Victoriocity is like the bonkers love child of Wilkie Collins, Arthur Conan Doyle and Douglas Adams
— Helen Marshall, World Fantasy Award-winning author of Gifts for the One Who Comes After
The rich tapestry of this podcast is woven expertly by the writers, and carried out expertly by the actors.
— Carolyn Ducker, Geek Girl Authority
Quick-witted, creative and refreshing, with an imaginative setting, colourful characters and very quotable one liners.
— PodTown
“The first thing that really strikes you about Victoriocity is the quality. Everything from the writing and acting to the sound quality and sound effects is beautiful. If you’d told me this was made by the BBC I would have happily believed you. Without a single visual element to the production you can envision the dark, grimy, gripping world of Even Greater London with fantastic clarity, an ability usually reserved for the descriptive world of novels. The second thing you notice is – it’s HILARIOUS.”
— Fay R Kesby, Wireless Wonderland
Victoriocity is quick witted, weird, and memorable with its arrangement of creative crimes and even more colorful characters
— Podcake

Victoriocity kind of feels like a combination of Black Books, a Coen brothers comedy and National Treasure. It’s a show that is hilarious and has a plot that gets bigger and bigger. It’s a great mystery with lots of suspnse, but the jokes and wit are always central. This show is a perfect binge-listen in its first season.
— Wil Williams (Apple Podcasts)
This is the funniest and most creative podcast I’ve heard in a really long time. The writing is clever, the plot and setting are really well-done, and there’s lots of bits of historical trivia to reward history nerds.
— Rachel K (Apple Podcasts)
I don’t usually listen to podcasts and it takes a LOT to make me properly laugh, but Victoriocity fulfilled needs I didn’t know I had. The cast are absolutely fantastic, and the writers even more so. Please turn this into a book or something that I can physically hold and ask for for Christmas!
— Rosierussellkungfu (Apple Podcasts)
Intriguing, funny, with wonderful acting and directing from start to end. The story has kept me enthralled from episode one and my week has been made by every new episode. Listen to this. It’s the best decision I’ve made this year.
— Dare and write it down (Apple Podcasts)
Amusing, witty, and brilliant throughout. Written by comical geniuses. The story line is so brilliantly thought out and put together, that you find yourself laughing at every moment. This podcast has so many different layers, what more could you want?
— AAB998 (Apple Podcasts)
Gets funnier with every episode, and episode one was already pretty funny. The characters are memorable and original, and the writers’ imagined “Even Greater London” is vividly painted, with more tidbits being added in each scene.
— Popcockery (Apple Podcasts)
This podcast balances comedy with genuinely engaging story brilliantly. I chuckled my way through each episode and was desperate to know what happened next. Really well written with some fantastic characters, superbly performed by a talented cast. When is series two out?!
— RavensRavensRavensRavens (Apple Podcasts)
I highly recommend this podcast, seriously hope there is a second season to come! Be prepared to laugh out loud in public! (I wasn’t ashamed when listening on my way to and from work). The comedy is impeccable with layers of nuance and style set in an imaginative and immersive world, with clever historical references. I cannot congratulate the team highly enough.
— Lilian Hyrst (Apple Podcasts)
Rarely do audio drama podcasts make me laugh, but this consistently does. A great scifi premise of sprawling Even Greater London and very interesting world building. Reminded me of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy which is about the highest praise I can give.
— History is interesting (Apple Podcasts)
A really excellent podcast - found after a recommendation from a friend. Funny but also exciting story! Fantastic world creation with great characters (some are absolutely hilarious) Fantastic acting. Writing very clever and reminded me of Pratchett and Gaiman. Really hope there is more to come.
— ThiefofTime1987 (Apple Podcasts)
Absolutely wonderful! Funny and thrilling - haven’t heard anything this clever and enjoyable in a long while!
— Carolinewademaguire (Apple Podcasts)
Phenomenally clever concept, quick-witted and hilarious dialogue, cool as hell sfx, action packed story, superb acting, and intersting characters with distinctive voices...what doesn’t this show have? So glad I found it, can’t wait for more!
— Chieflovelyfeet (Apple Podcasts)
Victoriocity is the PERFECT comedy story I’ve been looking for in a podcast. The writing is tight, the humour ranges from the subtle to the ludicrous and everything makes me laugh. Stellar acting from all the characters and the narrator’s voice is soothing. Love the music and the sound production is top quality. Bravo! More please :)
— Bassbonebyfbo (Apple Podcasts)