Episode 3 – The Pleasure Coast

The Warders close ranks, and Clara and Fleet head to London’s seafront to seek out an informant.


Written by Chris and Jen Sugden, directed by Nathan Peter Grassi and produced by Dominic Hargreaves.


  • Inspector Fleet – Tom Crowley
  • Clara Entwhistle – Layla Katib
  • The Narrator – Peter Rae
  • Chief Warder Whitlock – Nicholas Collett
  • Madam Fortuna – Gemma Arrowsmith
  • Chief Inspector Keller – Chris Sugden
  • Warder Ralgrieve – Joseph Berglöw-Kenneway
  • El Fantasma – Nathan Peter Grassi
  • Cabbie – Molly Beth Morossa
  • Miss Birch – Jen Sugden

Piano solo by David Guthrie.

Original music by Jon Ouin. Additional sound effects by numerous generous creators.

Production management by Fiona Sinclair.