Season 2 Episode 4 – The Circus

The hunt for Vidocq and the Child of Mystery takes Clara and Fleet to a popular entertainment spot.

Written by Chris and Jen Sugden, directed by Nathan Peter Grassi and produced by Dominic Hargreaves.


  • Inspector Fleet – Tom Crowley

  • Clara Entwhistle – Layla Katib

  • The Narrator – Peter Rae

  • Sandringham – Richard Soames

  • Balmoral Peter Wicks

  • Maud Armistead – Gemma Arrowsmith

  • Lord Sanger – Felix Trench

  • Reverend Kilburn – Richard Rycroft

  • Pauly – George McLean

  • Herr Oberbaum – Nicholas Collett

Additional voices by Nathan Peter Grassi and Jen Sugden.

Hymn "The King of love my shepherd is" performed on the organ by Richard M S Irwin.

Original music by Jon Ouin. Additional sound effects by numerous generous creators.

Production management by Fiona Sinclair.